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(a)"So which part of the US did the Rolling Stones come from?
(b) "So were they from Liverpool?"
AND THEN.......
Luke's attempt to name all the Beatles..........
(1) Paul McCartney
(2) Ringo Starr
(3) Ozzy Osborne (well someone who had the same hair and glasses as him!)
(4) Des!!!!
Even with the hint of "John Lemon" he couldn't think of the 3rd whilst he finally got the 4th with Ali's helpful mouthing of 'George' coupled with Rebecca's clue that the surname rhymed with Shmarrison (although he did 1st suggest George Harris!)
He also managed to suggest that every single Beach Boys song played was done by the Beatles!!
(Deleted comment)
Scarily enough Luke is a Cambridge student andI found him in the brass band! (these comments happened at annual dinner-when he was stil sober!)