The letter N is hard-I couldn't think of any remotely cool words that start with N-Then I continued to think (having nothing more useful to do except write an essay on fraud, which incidentally I finished at 4 this morning!)
Anyways, here's my list of N words (some of them may be phrases and, in fact, not even English!)
If you want a letter to play the game then reply to this post and I'll try to remember my alphabet (with the help of the useful keyboard in front of me).....

Nil satis Nisi Optimum-Speaks for itself really (unless you are not an Everton supporter and don't happen to speak Latin, in which case you're not important :p)
Neverland-We wanna be like Peter Pan, we never wanna grow up!
Narnia-talking beavers, friendly lion, Perpetual snow, evil queen, random mystical creatures of no particular description- I wanna sit as queen in the castle of Cair Paravel!
Nee(and the Knights who say it)-You must cut down the tallest tree in the forest with.... a herring!
Namby Pamby-Denny Crane, need I say more?
Next-Absolutely my favouritest shop ever
Norris-The true star of Coronation Street
Numpty-Most fantastic insult the world has ever known!
Noodles-Staple diet of culinary-incompetent student!