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Quote from Jack (Cambridge engineer):
Have you done your metal fatigue work yet? (seems perfectly reasonably unless you actually heard him say it and attempted to work out what he meant by fat-ig-yoo!)
In other news it is entirely possible to eat half a vienetta and a whole bag of flying saucers and still be alive and not vomiting! (unless you're Dan in which case you feel incredibly ill afterwards due to being pathetic!)
Here endeth the lesson
Take note, I am posting for the 1st time-That's right you aren't dreaming Emma, I am posting....me, Charlotte, the one who was forced to sign up for LJ (or actually was signed up by her sister..again, that's you Emma) and has subsequently not posted in her life-except to make single sentence comments on other people's journals!! But today, a momentous day....a turning point in the world of virtual diaries.....today I post! Not that I have anything useful to say but it seems more productive than learning about statutory conspiracies. Well, that's about it. Except that I must rant to the world about how technology sucks cos my laptop speakers and mouse have both broken! And Dan, like the always-right boy that he is, teased me mercilessly and said it was clearly just the fuse and how I shouldn't have been let into Cambridge without a plug-wiring test! Well, one pack of 13amp fuses later (btw Dan also told me 13amp and I needed 3 but I stole one out of my college lamp and the nice men in Maplin gave me my money back!) and magical plug screwdrivering by me (yes, that's right... a girl taking apart a plug....I can do that although apparently it doesn't count cos I didn't 'rewire it'-cos that's amazingly hard what with the vast numbers of wires and complicated screwdrivering that needs to be done!) ) and it transpired that it in fact was not the fuse at all and I was indeed correct when I said that the damn speakers were just broken.
In other news, apparently Germans don't have TV censors since we watched an advert for a German gym today which involved a naked bird cracking a walnut with her arse. (I have been reliably informed that Chris 1st saw it in Germany and didn't just stumble upon in on the net whilst searching for something else) Everybody was very impressed....except Jack, who was happier eating an orange.